ODF Grant Endowment Funds Making an Impact in Communities

Through Service, Mission, Outreach, Education and Action

In just two years the Foundation’s Grants Program has impacted lives, touched many and made a difference in communities. The Foundation made grants totaling $71,460.60 in 2018 and $50,648.90 in 2017. It is our hope to continue to grow the Grants Program and fund more Disciples projects, outreach and missions in the future. Please consider a gift to a grant endowment fund. Your gift will make an immediate and wide-spread impact in Disciples ministries each year.

Grant funds have provided opportunities to:

  • send children and youth to summer church camps at reduced rates and scholarship youth unable to afford mission camp fees as well as provide funds to help offset expenses of mission supplies;
  • provide shoes, socks, underwear and pants/jeans to children in need at Christmas;
  • purchase new back-to-school supplies for children who otherwise wouldn’t have
    them, specifically in rural areas;
  • provide supplies and assistance at Caminante Summer Fair (a four-week VBS-like program reaching approximately 800 children) in Boca Chica, Dominican Republic;
  • secure specific training for a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) Ordained Minister to serve as a suicide intervention assistance trainer in Oklahoma who will train and equip members of communities with proper identification, communication and intervention skills;
  • assist with funding weekly meals and children’s snack pack programs for those in need within Disciples’ church communities across the state;
  • provide supplemental funding for senior residents so they can remain in their retirement facility when they can no longer personally afford care;
  • construct a ramp and walkway for seniors and children at In The Spirit Church, Tulsa;
  • assist with refinishing school yards, playgrounds and school access for children at Peru Pronoei Schools in Puno, Peru;
  • provide computer equipment and internet access for children’s after-school program benefiting latchkey children who rarely have access to internet or computers outside the classroom;
  • assist the Conference of Churches’ annual Interfaith Youth Tour, Disaster Recovery and Spiritual Care training and provide for recruiting and training for social justice committee members to assist with activities geared to health and wellness within Oklahoma’s aging community;
  • assist with providing lunches and guest speakers for student weekly lunch discussion program at University of Tulsa to educate students of the importance of social justice in the community across all faith or non-faith traditions;
  • assist with funding speakers for Northwest Area of Christian Church in Oklahoma annual Pastor’s Retreat which addresses the needs of Pastors and provides information in interested areas of further study;
  • assist a start-up church with purchasing materials/supplies for Children’s and Youth educational programs to coincide with adult educational programs;
  • provide funds for back-to-school outreach in rural Oklahoma to meet the basic needs for low- income students such as necessary clothing and personal hygiene items including dental, vaccinations and haircuts as well as services which promote healthy self-esteem; and assist with funds for youth and young adult leadership development through the National Convocation of the Christian Church Biannual Session;
  • provide funds to engage a digital marketing professional to assist Phillips Theological Seminary develop a digital marketing plan for recruiting and engaging students to enroll in various Seminary courses; and
  • provide a group of middle and high school youth a safe, fun and supportive place to go in the summer by participating in the summer “Hands and Feet” program at First Christian Church, Topeka, KS. The program allows local youth to spend the summer participating in community service projects in the Topeka community and Shawnee County. It also provides weekly meals, study and discussion with the goal of increasing awareness related to issues involving racism, human trafficking, poverty and the environment. Grant funds also allowed for this group and sponsors to travel to St. Louis for a week-long mission trip to participate in service projects at Disciples of Christ churches, food pantries and other local non-profits.

September 2018