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Like A Mustard Seed


Like the story of the mustard seed, the assets of the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation have matured to now exceed $15 million. Because of hundreds of generous individuals, families and organizations, the Foundation supports and responds to ministries statewide.

The Foundation currently administers 100+ endowment funds that benefit Disciples of Christ ministries and organizations. Our mission, in large part, is to improve those funds, invest them wisely and distribute the income.

Service to congregations and individuals is the other focus of our Estate-Planning-Christin-Adkins-Presentation-2015mission. We have hosted workshops on developing congregational cultures of generosity; and congregations also benefit from our presentations on permanent funds and estate planning. Our service to individuals includes personal consultations on stewardship goals and estate planning.  In addition, we offer the following brochures, which can be downloaded in PDF format:

Your Living Gift to the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation (1 MB) An introduction to the many ways of making an enduring gift and how “together we touch lives.”
What will your Legacy be? (1.7 MB) Poses questions that help you identify how you wish to achieve your goals in designing your estate plan.
Why do I need a Will? (1.8 MB) Emphasizes the importance of writing a will and answers common questions about making a will.
The Charitable Gift Annuity (2.7 MB) Outlines how a gift annuity works, together with the personal and tax benefits.
Making the Case Explains who we are, what we do, why us, where you come in, and how together we can achieve great things.

A Board of Directors representing Disciples members statewide oversees the Foundation’s operations, with the assistance of a professional staff.

Read more about the foundation and its ministry in “FYI,” originally published in The Oklahoma Christian, October 2007.

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