Ways to Give

Planned Giving

Planned giving goes way beyond writing a check on Sunday morning.

Your gifts can continue through eternity to support your missions, ministries, and passions within the church. Our mission is to safeguard these funds for the future.

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Faithful Stewards, Decade After Decade

Our founders started their vision with twenty-five-thousand dollars. They believed continuous funding for the ministry of Jesus Christ could transform lives.

Over 50 years later, the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation continues that legacy. Managing over 17 million dollars, we distribute hundreds of thousands of dollars annually to help fund the regional church and its ministries.

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Designate Funds for Many Causes

Donors create funds to allow children and youth to attend church summer camps at greatly reduced rates. They provide scholarships for seminary students pursuing their passion to become pastors. They give elderly mentally or physically challenged adults a safe haven for care so their families could have a respite.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I maintain my current income, but still benefit the church?

We work with donors to set up fund parameters, meet current and future income needs and also direct charitable funding for the future.

How is money managed?

Every few years, for due diligence, we put out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a money manager. The chosen manager sends monthly reports to the Foundation and meets quarterly with staff and the ODF Investment Committee who then reports to the Board. 

We strive to continue our current policy of not charging a fee for foundation services on endowments. Management fees from money manager is at a competitive rate. Moneys are managed pursuant to policy. Distributions are governed by a spending policy comparable to other foundations similar to ours.

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