Types of Giving

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Permanent Funds

Donations that are meant to provide income in perpetuity for specific ministries are considered permanent funds. The corpus of the gift is not invaded, but held and invested to continue to support the donor’s chosen cause. Oklahoma Disciples Foundation holds 95 endowment funds that benefit the different ministries and organizations affiliated with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ in Oklahoma.

Disciple Club

These gifts are deposited directly in the Foundation’s operating fund and support the services we provide to individuals and congregations. Gifts to this program help support our workshops, seminars, consultations on permanent funds and estate planning, as well as administration of our custodial funds, donor-advised and field of interest programs.

Custodial Funds

Through the Foundation, a custodial funds management program is available to Christian Church (Disciples of  Christ) congregations and affiliated organizations in Oklahoma. This vehicle makes the professionally managed investment portfolio structure of the foundation available to such congregations, organizations and associations, whose funds are managed as a sub-account of the endowment pool. Contact us for guidelines, requirements and other details of this program.


Both Donor-Advised and Field of Interest funds have been authorized by the Foundation’s board of directors. These programs provide additional flexible giving opportunities. Contact us for guidelines, requirements and other details of these programs.

Memorial & Honorary Gifts

Gifts given “in memory of” a loved one are a living legacy, continuing support for favored ministries after death. Honorary gifts can celebrate special occasions such as anniversaries, years of service, birthdays or other important events. Gifts can be to an endowment fund or Disciple Club.


You can include the Foundation in your will, as beneficiary of your life insurance or retirement plan. You can also name the foundation in your trust or other estate plan.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Annuities provide a way to avoid fluctuation in interest rates and ensure fixed income for life. An annuity can be for the life of the donor and/or another designated person. The remainder will benefit the endowment(s) the donor chooses.

Other Estate Plans

Charitable Lead Trusts, Charitable Remainder Unitrusts and Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts are just a few of the vehicles available to meet your financial and philanthropic goals.

There are many ways to give. Cash donations (via check or credit card) can be made easily on our secure donation page. In certain circumstances, such as gifts of appreciated assets or for estate planning, a personal conference with our staff would be advisable before making your gift. Contact us for detailed information.