Senior Adult Care & Leadership Development

A variety of endowed funds have been established to minister to the special needs of Oklahoma’s senior adults.

Disciples Village Tenants Fund (1987)
To provide for residents’ special needs and/or opportunities such as community equipment and furnishings, craft activities or recreation events

Disciples Village Chaplaincy Fund (1991)
To provide a chaplain for Disciples Village, preferably a student at Phillips Theological Seminary. The part-time position enhances the spiritual life of the residents and provides student training opportunities.

The Senior Ministries Endowment  [formerly OASIS] Fund (1995/2021)
This fund was originally established to benefit the OASIS (Older Adult Sharing & Interfaith Services) adult day care in 1995. After OASIS disbanded, this fund was redirected to benefit grants for seniors and was renamed The Senior Ministries Endowment by the ODF Board of Directors in 2021.

Northeast Active Timers [NEATS] Fund (1999)
To provide benefits to NEATs, an activity and support program for the chronologically gifted (55+). The program also works in conjunction with the Centenarian Club of Oklahoma.

Senior Ministries (2009)
Benefits grants for seniors through the ODF Grants program.

Cargile Older Adult Ministries (2002)
The Northeast Area Board uses income from this fund to issue grants to new and current ministries for Older Adults in the Northeast Area.

Leadership Development

At home or around the globe, Disciples foster leadership skills in many individuals.

Leadership Development Fund (1980)
To provide leadership development opportunities for congregations, ministers and lay leaders. Coursework toward a college degree does not qualify

Northeast Leadership Development Scholarship Fund (1986)
To encourage leadership development in the Northeast Area. Coursework toward a college degree does not qualify.

Friendship Journeys (1990)
To provide regional expeditions to third world countries for work projects and educational experiences.

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