Fund Performance

In February of each year, earnings on named endowments for the previous year are paid to beneficiaries. Over the last five years (2015-2019), these distributions from the named endowment funds totaled over $1.9 million and averaged over $381,300 per year. ODF distributions benefit a variety of ministries and programs of the Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church in Oklahoma, as shown in the chart. These programs and ministries include seniors, the region, areas (e.g., Central Area), camps and more.

  • The ‘congregation’ category refers to endowment funds established to benefit specific churches, as well as missions of some of those churches
  • ‘Institutions’ refers to, for example, Phillips Theological Seminary and other educational organizations.
  • There are four named endowment funds which have been set up to benefit the Foundation itself, allowing us not only to operate, but also to organize workshops and seminars for both lay and clergy Disciples.

From 12/31/14 to 12/31/18, the principal invested in named endowments has increased 42.5% while FMV (fair market value) has increased 26.6%; see line graph below. And our audited financial statements show a steady pattern of growth in total assets; see bar graph below.



Account performance for all classes of investments with Bank of Oklahoma

Accounts Balance 12/31/18 YTD 2018 Returns (%) Performance Results Since Inception(%)
Named Endowments $8,926,593. -5.89  3.02 (01/01/2017)
Named Endowments-Custodial-Perpetual $1,778,376. -6.22  1.83 (04/01/2017)*
Named Endowments-Custodial-GenInvest $1,013,365. -7.17 -4.77 (04/18/2018)*
Named Endowments-Custodial-IncGrowth      $64,748. -5.82 -3.04 (04/18/2018)*
Howard Operating Endowment $5,746,458. -5.98  3.08 (01/01/2017)
CRUTs     $156,052. -6.14  3.10 (01/01/2017)
Inception year in last column. *Previously, the Custodial Funds were included with the Named Endowments. In April 2017, BOK created a separate account for these funds. In April 2018, custodial funds were further classified as Perpetual (maintaining previous investment alternatives) or General Investment or Income with Growth.

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