Oklahoma Disciples Foundation

Funds established specifically to support and supplement the operations of the Foundation.

Kyle Maxwell Matching Endowment
To ensure funds are available in perpetuity for such matching programs as the Foundation board may see fit to authorize; churches, missions and ministries of the Christian Church in Oklahoma will be eligible to receive endowment matching funds on a basis to be determined by the Foundation’s board of directors.

ODF Administrative Support
To provide administrative support for the operations and mission of the Foundation.

ODF Annuity Supplement
To fund charitable gift annuity payments to annuitants in the event their contracts “run dry.”

ODF Board “Cloud of Witnesses” Endowment Fund
To generate funds for grants to be made by the Foundation, as determined by the Foundation Board and its committees. This fund will provide a vehicle into which churches that are closing can place their remaining funds. As churches close, they can provide new life and witness to the message of Jesus Christ through the funding of church innovation – new ways of being church.

ODF Development
To support work related to fulfilling the mission of the Foundation through building relationships, planning, promotion and fund-raising.

Camps and Conferences
Disciples Women and Men, Church Growth & Education, Pastoral Care
Disciples Educational Scholarships & Related Organizations
Senior Adult Care & Leadership Development
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma — Regional, Area & Congregational Ministries
Funds That Provide for ODF Grant Program

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