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new odf grant program implemented in 2017


Beginning in 2017, ODF implemented a grant-making process. Several permanent endowments have been established with specific, varied purposes for providing funds to non-profit 501(c) (3) organizations. The majority of the funds in 2017 were directed for Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) related programs, ministries and missions for children, youth and young adults. Also, funds were available for the education of clergy, laity and congregations on the guidance and art of spiritual giving. And, some funds were available for new churches or new ways of being a church.

All grants were awarded based on funding events or programs with potential to make the greatest impact. A grant-making committee of current and former ODF board members reviewed applications and made recommendations to the ODF board of directors.

2017 Grant Fund Allocation
Fund Total
Children, Youth & Young Adults Grants  $11,548.69
CCIO – South Side CC for YOUTH  $5,044.60
Fund for the Education of Clergy & Laity  $1,330.75
Senior Ministries  $12,712.35
OCRC – UPCC, OKC, Endowment  $10,633.03
Fellowship of John  $5,957.23
Kyle Maxwell Matching Endowment  $422.99
United Ministries of Higher Education, Stillwater  $1,297.49
ODF Board “Cloud of Witnesses Endowment  $1,701.77
Total Funds Available  $50,648.90
      Total Funds Granted  $50,648.90 
Children, Youth & Young Adults & CCIO Southside CC for Youth
Organization Project Name Requested Granted
Northwest Christian Church Single Parent/Family Support Group  $3,000.00  $3,000.00
Central Christian Church, Fairview School Supplies  $2,000.00  $1,000.00
Christian Church in Oklahoma (CCIO) Koinonia  $1,000.00  $500.00
Central Christian Church, Enid Peru Pronoei Schools Any amount  $2,000.00
First Christian Church, Yukon Kid’s Café  $3,500.00  $3,500.00
Christian Church in Oklahoma (CCIO) Oklahoma Disciples Men Leave No Child Behind  $6,000.00  $5,000.00
Total Granted  $15,000.00 
Fund for the Education of Clergy & Laity
Organization Project Name Requested Granted
Christian Church in Oklahoma (CCIO) Adult Swim  $2,000.00  $500.00
Oklahoma Conference of Churches (CCO) Disaster & Spiritual Care Training Any amount  $500.00
Northwest Area of CCIO Pastor Retreat  $1,200.00  $300.00
Total Granted  $1,300.00 
Sr. Ministries & OCRC -UPCC & Fellowship of John
Organization Project Name Requested Granted
Disciples Retirement Community of Oklahoma, Inc. (DRCO) Bradford Village Residents Support  $25,000.00  $25,000.00
First Christian Church, Claremore Friendship Feast  $5,500.00  $3,802.61
Oklahoma Conference of Churches (CCO) Health, Wellness, & Aging Social Justice Committee  $1,000.00  $500.00
Total Granted  $29,302.61 
Kyle Maxwell Matching Endowment
Organization Project Name Requested
Midwest Boulevard Christian Church Christmas for Others Any amount
Total Granted  $1,900.00 
United Ministries of Higher Education
Organization Project Name Requested
Oklahoma Conference of Churches (CCO) Interfaith Youth Tour Expansion Any amount
Total Granted  $3,146.29 

Grant money was awarded to charitable entities, not individuals. Requests to discharge preexisting debts were not considered.

Email Julie Bowers at *protected email* to be included on a list of interested parties for email updates. Or call 405.525.6530 for more information.

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