Donor Advised & Field of Interest Funds

donor advised and field of interest fund programs offer additional giving opportunities

At its February 28, 2017 board meeting, the Foundation Board of Directors voted to implement a Donor Advised Fund program. ODF’s Donor Advised Fund program permits a donor to make an irrevocable gift without requiring the donor to specify a beneficiary on the gift date.  The Donor Advised Fund is established by transferring a minimum of $30,000 cash or marketable securities to the Foundation. The donor retains the ability to provide advice to the Foundation regarding the amount, timing and recipient of grants from the Fund. However, the donor only advises.  The sole owner of each Fund is the Foundation, and its Board of Directors has ultimate control over all grants.

Subsequently, on February 26, 2019, the Foundation Board of Directors voted to implement a Field of Interest Fund program. The Field of Interest Fund is an unrestricted gift to the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation, which may or may not create or add to a permanent fund named by the donors. The minimum to begin an active Field of Interest Fund is $10,000. The Oklahoma Disciples Foundation and the donors will execute a fund agreement related to the fund’s operation and the donor’s intentions. All funds are subject to the powers and policies of the Foundation now existing or hereafter enacted. The donor’s intention will always be followed as closely as possible. A Field of Interest Fund is designed for donors who would like their contributions to benefit one or more funds within the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation and/or particular churches or entities within the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). A Field of Interest Fund provides the donor with a vehicle to support a long-term interest and allow the Oklahoma Disciples Foundation to benefit the most appropriate organization or need at that time. The Fund may have an advisory committee which can make suggestions on annual distributions from the fund or work with other church groups to utilize the funds to meet the donor’s intentions. The Field of Interest Fund can be tailored to align the donor’s charitable giving goals with the church community’s needs.

Donor Advised Funds and Field of Interest Funds share the same fee structure as ODF’s custodial funds, as follows:

Total funds on deposit

Quarterly fee percentage

Annual fee percentage

<$1MM 0.125% 0.5%
>=$1MM and <$2MM 0.0625% 0.25%
>=$2MM and <$3MM 0.05% 0.20%
>=$3MM   0.0375% 0.15%

donor advised and field of interest funds Held by ODF:

  • Don & Tary Davis Johnson Fund
  • Marilyn & John Merle Fund
  • Kyle Maxwell & Debi Powell-Maxwell Fund
  • William Cress Field of Interest Fund

For more information and details call Eric Gray at 405.525.6530 or send an email to

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