Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma – Regional, Area, Congregational & Mission Ministries

Christian Church in Oklahoma (1970)
Unrestricted use by the Regional Board of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma

Associate Regional Pastor for Children, Youth and Young Adult Ministries Fund (1997)
To ensure leadership for the future, this endowment subsidizes the salary of the Regional Pastor whose portfolio includes such ministries.

Camp & Conference Resource Fund (1997)
Beyond curriculum and craft supplies, this fund is used for programs in outdoor safety, enrichment and resource development. It can help provide specialized staff or equipment.

Camp & Conference Summer Secretary Fund (1997)
To provide salary expenses for a secretary to handle camper registration and logistics for the summer camping program

Central Area (1997)
To support the ministries of the Central Area

Northeast Area Capital Fund (1962)
To provide capital needs in the Northeast Area, including new congregations, Camp Christian, and the area office

Northeast Area Operating Fund (1984)
To provide funds for the operating budget of the Northeast Area

Northwest Area (1992)
To support the ministries of the Northwest Area

Willa I. Adams Memorial Endowment (2007)
To benefit First Christian Church, Edmond, OK for building maintenance

First Christian Church, Bartlesville (2007)
To support the First Christian Church, Bartlesville general budget or Board-approved special projects

Burlington Christian Church Memorial Endowment (2015)
To provide scholarship funds for Phillips Theological Seminary students, with preference given to students intending to serve rural churches

First Christian Church, Edmond, Mission Endowment Fund (2015)
To fund mission trips organized by First Christian Church, Edmond, as well as the people served by the mission

Charles & Marilee Hattendorf Endowment (2010)
A fund to provide support for the ministries of Southern Hills Christian Church and the Division of Overseas Ministries

Mary E. Hattendorf Memorial Endowment (2010)
A memorial fund to provide support for the music ministry of First Christian Church, Midwest City

Wharton and Jimmie Mathies Memorial Endowment (2003)
To provide funding for the ministries and programs of Phillips Theological Seminary and First Christian Church Edmond

Rev. John McLemore Annual Bible Lecture Series (2015)
Benefiting Central Christian Church, Enid, funds will be used for underwriting an annual Bible lecture series

Memorial Christian Church Memorial Endowment (1996)
Upon its closing, two separate endowments were established, benefitting: Camp Christian scholarships and Philips Theological Seminary scholarships

First Christian Church, Midwest City Capital Endowment (2017)
For the benefit of capital improvements for Christian ministries

Doran & Jean Myers Memorial Endowment (2009)
A memorial fund to undergird the programs and staff of the Christian Church in Oklahoma

Neal Family/First Christian Church Edmond (2006)
To provide funds for recruitment to the ordained ministry of the Christian Church

Northwest Christian Church Local Ministries Endowment (2015)
To provide funds for the local ministries of the church, in service to the community

Rogers Heights Christian Church Memorial Fund (2007)
A memorial endowment providing support: for Camp Christian scholarships; to the Christian Church in Oklahoma for Oklahoma disaster relief, and to the Northeast Area Board to make grants for hands-on senior adult ministries

Dave & Cathy Schmidt Endowment (2006)
Benefiting Southern Hills Christian Church, to support the ministries of Church World Service, the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Oklahoma and Southern Hills Christian Church

Sheridan Avenue Christian Church Memorial Fund (2010)
A memorial endowment providing support for Camp Christian scholarships, Phillips Theological Seminary scholarships, the Northeast Area of the Christian Church in Oklahoma, Week of Compassion (NE Area), and New Congregation Assistance (NE Area).

Daryl & Carol Southard Memorial Endowment Fund (2015)
Benefiting Harvard Avenue Christian Church, Tulsa

South Side Christian Church Fund (2011)
An endowment to support the work of OASIS, Phillips Theological Seminary and ministries serving children and youth in Oklahoma

First Christian Church Tecumseh (2012)
To serve the ministries of the Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church in Oklahoma, including Texoma Christian Camp and Phillips Theological Seminary

First Christian Church Tulsa (2016)
To increase funds available for building maintenance, worship and music ministries and outreach ministries of First Christian Church, Tulsa

University Park Christian Church (1993)
Upon its closure, three separate endowments were established, benefitting: Central Christian Camp, Senior Ministries, and Phillips Theological Seminary

Ruth K. Weston Memorial Endowment Fund (2015)
Benefiting Central Christian Church, Enid, to be used for the Caregivers Ministry for older adults, the church’s children and youth programs, and the church’s music ministry

First Christian Church Wetumka (2015)
To provide Texoma Christian Camp scholarships for youth and adult sponsors and to support the work of Oklahoma Disciples Foundation through the Foundation’s administration endowment.

First Christian Church Wewoka (2014)
To serve and educate the youth of the Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church in Oklahoma by providing scholarships to Texoma Christian Camp and Phillips Theological Seminary.

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